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The process or ‘journey’ of a prospective user/customer/donor through phases or levels of commitment, from a lack of awareness to greater awareness and trust, towards a purchase, donation or otherwise becoming a customer or user.  The wide, top of the funnel is where someone has the least awareness of your organization or its services and the lowest level of commitment; the narrow, bottom of the funnel represents the smaller number of people who are aware of the org, become its fans and have made a greater commitment. Marketing actions are taken to bring people through the funnel, with the understanding that not everyone filters down to the bottom or tip. Different marketing strategies and tactics may be used at different stages of the funnel.

e.g. Top of Funnel = build awareness, educate; get people to follow you on social media or Like a post; Middle of the Funnel = more engagement, deeper connections and trust; encourage small (often non-cash) donations, sign-up for a newsletter, interact more on social media; Bottom of the Funnel = aware, engaged, believe in your mission and ready to take further steps to support you or use services; meaningful investment of time or money, volunteering, event registrations, monetary donations

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