What is an MQL?

Do Your Leads Suck? Maybe they aren't qualified leads? Perhaps you are selling to the unsellable! Click below to lear what an MQL is, and be sure to know the difference of an MQL vs an SQL with more videos on our Youtube channel. Next time you spent valuable time, money, and resources to work leads make sure you can spot the difference.

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Our Story

After building a successful 7 figure full service digital marketing agency from the ground up and being acquired, we learned a thing or 2 on how to grow companies at scale. In our career we have helped fortune 500 growth companies scale their revenue to hundreds of millions of dollars. Ready Agent go is the embodiment of that same level of tools, team, and training but offered for a fraction of the cost to real estate agents.

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Ready Agent Go is an absolute game changer for my business. I used to have what seems like 10 different tools and subscriptions and felt clueless and lost on what to create where to post and when. Now I simply log in daily complete my marketing tasks and use one tool to manage and create all my content.

— Janet, Keller Williams

I used a tool called Canva to create social posts before switching to Ready Agent Go. Not only did I find myself scouring templates to create engaging content, but my content rarely looked cohesive (Im not a graphic designer, I'm a real estate agent!). Not to mention I never felt like I knew what I was doing after I spent the time to create quality content. Ready Agent Go takes all that uncertainly out for me I feel in control now of my online content and brand.

— Ross, RE/MAX

Ready Agent Go is like having a digital marketing assistant at my side. It has changed the way I think about online marketing and creating content.

— Randy, Redfin

Using the lead magnet concept, and the Ready Agent Go premium content builder, I was able to generate over 35 leads last month without spending a dime on advertising. Completely organic leads!

— Jennifer, My Home Group

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