Our Story

After building a successful 7 figure full service digital marketing agency from the ground up and being acquired, we learned a thing or 2 on how to grow companies at scale. In our career we have helped fortune 500 growth companies scale their revenue to hundreds of millions of dollars. Ready Agent go is the embodiment of that same level of tools, team, and training but offered for a fraction of the cost to real estate agents.

Cody & Casey

Cody and Casey grew up together in a small town in northern Arizona. Their parents were both real estate agents, partners on the same team in fact. Through high school and college the boys can recall many weekends filled with open house showings and mountains of paperwork (this will all before the digital age of real estate with online MLS listings and e-signature contracts!). Seeing first hand, from a young age, the life of a real estate has always brought a deep understanding and appreciation for the industry.

Even as a kid Casey always had knack for technology. You will hear them joke that often as kid, in the early days of computing, Casey could be found plugging away building something with code. Cody formed a passion for design and marketing during high school but found his true passion in business in college.

For over 12 years the duo has founded multiple companies in the digital space. Most notably was a digital marketing agency founded over a decade ago. Cody and Casey grew the agency steadily with local and national clientele, growing companies through effective online marketing and branding is what the agency did day in and day out. The agency grew to over a 7 figure brand generating 10's of millions of dollars in positive ROI for itself and it's clients.

In 2018 the agency was acquired.

Enter 2019 and Ready Agent Go. Cody and Casey have applied all their knowledge from previous wins (and losses) to bring a complete marketing platform to real estate agents for a fraction of the cost. This platform and all the power behind it are meant to save you time, money, and generate a better ROI from your marketing. Are you Ready? Let's Go!

After the acquisition Casey and I have had a blast working on and building projects that fulfill us and marry our passions and knowledge with useful tools and brands that give back to the customers we serve. Marketing is in our DNA and we love what we do. Ready Agent Go is the embodiment of a company we always wanted to work for, a collection of the people we know and trust, and the delivery of hard work, high value, and big time growth.

Cody Helgeson

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