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Your Daily Action Plan

April 20, 2024


Inspire people to be better

Post your Social Post on your business Facebook page

Share your Business post on your personal Facebook page

Share your post on Instagram and any other social profiles you are managing

Relax and enjoy your weekend! However take some time today and preview your upcoming calendar for the week and prep for your upcoming content plan.

You have a premium content piece due today. Create your premium content piece and then be sure to share it across all social channels as well as through email to your database.

Study today's marketing question and as always reach out if you have any of your own questions

Study today's marketing Term and try to apply the concept at least once today

Bonus Challenge

Systemize the gifts you provide to clients upon closing

Today's Social Post

Social Post Idea:

Share a book you’re currently reading or have read in the past



  • Keep it light today and inspire people - it's the weekend.
  • Reminder: Weekends are more flexible on time windows to post. However if you can get posts out early you have a better chance of them being seen throughout the day since engagement isn't concentrated during small windows.

When and where to post:
- Post on Facebook today between 9am-10am - Post on LinkedIn today between 7am-10am - Post on Instagram today at 10am

Today's Blog Post Idea

Happy Weekend! Even though there is not a blog post scheduled for today, weekend's are a a great time to be prepping for your upcoming content plan for the week. Use today to preview your calendar for the week and start prepping notes and outlines for the content you will be creating!

Today's Premium Content

Premium Content Idea:

Empty Nester’s Guide to Downsizing

At Ready Agent Go we use the term "Premium Content" often, you will see this throughout the platform. Another name for premium content is "lead magnet" this is basically a free, more in depth, piece of content that that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details. You have probably encountered these often in the form of "Guide" or "Checklists", etc. Now using our easy to use builder you can create these easily yourself to use as lead generation or sales converting content assets.

Click the "Create Premium Content" button to go to the builder tool. Follow the steps to create your content asset. Once you save and publish you will be able to download the premium content piece as a PDF. You can use this PDF in your website or landing pages as a destination page after your views fill out a form. This way you collect contact information in exchange for access to the PDF. You can also use this throughout your emails and other online channels as marketing material as well. You can even print the PDF as handouts! Of course if you don't have a website or access to create landing pages of any kind you can sign up for Ready Agent Go Sites and have all this created and done for you.

One easy way to craft premium content pieces is to roundup other social snippets, stats, or blog posts and use these as checklist items, "chapters", or pages in your premium content asset. For example for a "Buyer's Guide" premium content piece collect 5-6 blog posts that you have created in the past from your Ready Agent Go action plan schedule and copy that content into pages in your premium content guide. This way you can just keep repackaged the content/knowledge you have created in different ways instead of always having to come up with entirely new material.

Bonus To-do's after you create your premium conten:
After you're finished creating your premium content asset make sure you promote it! Here are a few simple suggestions:
  • Create a social post using the featured image of your title page and the title.
  • Right after posting your premium content be sure to send out an email blast using the featured image of your article and a quick excerpt from the introduction page. Link to your premium content to drive traffic to your website. If you don't have a website or place to publish your content consider getting a Ready Agent Go Site and have all this done for you.
  • Over the following 1-2 weeks create at least one social post for each page, chapter, or checklist item in your premium content asset and share it across social media. When you share it make sure to link back to your premium content.

Today's Email Content

There are no emails scheduled for today. Go check out the Action Plan Calendar to see when the next one is scheduled to be completed and use today to start prepping for it.

Today's Learning Center

Today's Marketing Question


Does my company really need a blog for social media marketing?


Yes! A blog is one of those non-negotiables. Apart from all of the benefits it provides on its own, such as increasing your credibility as an industry expert and providing fresh, keyword-rich content on a regular basis to please the search engines, a blog is a vital component of social media marketing. One of the most effective types of content to post on social media is a link to a blog post. Without fresh blog posts being shared on a regular basis, you won’t have nearly as much to talk about with your fans, and you won’t be driving as much traffic to your site, either.

Today's Marketing Term


Month Recurring Revenue (MRR)


Monthly recurring revenue (or MRR) measures the amount of revenue a subscription-based company generates month to month.